Kick-Starting My Weight Loss Journey

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I am a bit frustrated that I am here again this year, but I am not going to get me down. In fact, I am simply going to pick myself up from the bootstraps and get moving!

Here’s is my plan (cause I need a plan). As silly as it sounds, I made myself another spreadsheet. This one is my day-to-day schedule. No food planning on this. This one is focused on workouts. I had to find some time in my day to get moving, literally. I actually am fortunate to enjoy workouts/activity of most kinds. I just lack the ability to naturally seek it out. So long story short, I decided that the experts are right – do it in the morning. That way nothing gets in the way. I can simply wake up earlier and go to the YMCA. My reason for resistance to this plan earlier was the idea that I would have to take all my work clothes and makeup to the gym and get ready there. My friend L, who lives in NY, has a better way. She goes to the gym early enough to come back home and get ready as usual. This is going to work perfectly.

Next step is adding in some activity in the evening. I have two beautiful Labradors that are stuck inside all day while I work. They are going to be thrilled to get a regular walk in. So after they eat, we can grab a quick mile before it gets too dark.

While making the schedule, I decided that I would push myself during the week because I am busy anyway, but I wanted some personal down time over the weekend. During those days, I enjoy waking up on more relaxed schedule and making french pressed coffee and watching FoodTV. I don’t want to be bothered by too much routine. This will give me some incentive during the week to know I’ve “earned” my time off.

That leaves the eating part of my life that needs some adjusting. While I eat a totally vegetarian diet, I manage to find junky foods that while “legal” are not necessarily healthy such as tortilla chips with salsa and even pizza! I am my own saboteur and it is time to stop. Each time I binge, I think to myself, “that really wasn’t as good as I thought it would be.” And every time I do it I feel worse.

So while the holidays created a toxic environment for me that led to another new year slip up, I am now shaking it off, re-framing while the gain is under 10 pounds, and kick-starting my schedule to create a healthy envirnoment. Wish me luck!


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Healthy Recipes – 101 Cook Books

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From Cookbooks 101 Website

From Cookbooks 101 Website

After a brief respite, I am back blogging. I missed everyone but needed a bit of a break.

Since my last post, I discoved this great web site from Heidi Swanson featuring natural, whole foods and ingredients and vegetarian recipes that are good for you and for the planet.

You might try her Carrot White Bean and Dill Recipe. I know I will as it reminds me of a yummy meal I had during a recent visit to New York.

If not that, maybe another? Hopefully you will find it useful and delicious.

Pack of Two

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Fay Ray

Fay Ray

During my hiatus from blogging, I was forced to put my sweet chocolate lab, Fay Ray, down in December. As you know, she had suffered from two canine strokes and had recovered from both. In the end, her old hips just wouldn’t hold her up and she had lost control from her backend altogether. Her arthritis was so painful she didn’t enjoy getting pets on the neck or moving around much. She failed to greet me when I came home and just wanted to be still. That is no life for a Lab! When you have a younger dog side by side, the contrast between the two was evident. Bailey remained active and was missing out on park visits and other outings as a result of Fay’s immobility. We miss her so much but are finally considering adding a new companion for daytime company. We are in no rush enjoying our smaller “pack of two” and will wait it out for the right one! Stay tuned.

Back on track with healthy eating

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After a short reprieve (5 months), I am back on track with healthy eating and working out! I guess I got out of the habit of working out due to limited funds (could not afford personal trainer M!) and my tendonitis in my elbow (see previous posts). It was quite painful and I felt I was not giving it time to heal properly by straining it 3 times a week. Especially those kettle bells! Oh how I hate them.

Well as soon as that healthy habit stopped it wasn’t long before my eating discipline slid as well. Slowly I added in more calories and with lack of workouts, I saw the weight come back. Oh how hard I worked to get it off and there I let some slide back on. Luckily, before I gained it all back, I decided I better get on the stick. I joined Weight Watchers (again!) since I knew I would be accountable and would have to commit to a weekly weigh-in. It was the best decision I made. Immediately I got focused and started losing again. I was able to remain vegan as the program is very flexible and allows you to eat anything. That’s right anything (within the context of your daily allowances). I saw results right away which motivated me to continue. Eventually I joined the YMCA and got back to working out too.

So far I have lost 17 pounds bringing my total back to around  50 lbs, just a few more to get back to my 60 lb net loss from September. While it may sound ridiculous that I lost that control, I really feel great about regaining my composure before it all came back and then some. I have done that before that’s for sure. I figure not only have I lost most of the weight, but I am moving in the right direction toward my goal. I think it is a journey of discovery. The more I backslide the less I want to do it over again.

My First Acupuncture

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So I decided to tackle this elbow injury with a trip to an acupuncturist. I figured it worked so well for my dog, Fay, that I would try it myself. My friend suggested her doctor as she had a great experience with her in solving her own health aliments. I got the impression that the doctor would be very comprehensive and holistic in her approach and diagnosis. I was not disappointed. She spent about an hour and a half discussing my overall wellness and tweaked a few herbs and vitamins. She suggested that I don’t need to take iron anymore and my One-A-Day Women’s had too much. Apparently it can become toxic in excess. So I switched over to her Thorne Brand. She confirmed continued use of my new found love – black cohosh (suppressed my hot flashes).

So eventually we got to the needle part. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain so I was fairly relaxed. She began with a deep tissue massage of the forearm and then followed that with the needles. The ones in my wrist and knees went in with no pain, but I have to admit the ones near the elbow joint were brutal. 

After they were in place, she left me alone to relax so they could do their healing. I was laying down and suddenly felt the need to move my arm around. Man – not a good idea – very painful. The best I could describe was cramped and achey. When she returned to remove the needles I asked if that was normal. She explained that as the energy reaches the acupoints it pulsates or throbs. That was it. It was like little lightning rods that attracted energy and then vibrated!

Well I go back next week for part two. I do feel a bit better so I am hoping for more success next week so stay tuned!

Canine hot spots are evil

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Canine hot spots come very quickly and take forever to heal. Poor B has experienced many this summer. In fact, thanks to another trip to the vet, she now sports a “naked” rear end similar to a baboon! 

The vet said that with Florida’s hot wet ’08 summer the mold is running rampant. In B’s case, it was most likely an insect bite that became infected from the licking/itching. Yesterday’s Relief® bath, plus our ongoing Benadryl® routine is a good start but not enough. We now have script for antibiotic and a shaved (cleaned) area ready for Genesis® Topical Spray.

I have to send *dog bones* out to Publix® for providing free antibiotics – even for dogs! Just ask your vet to write the script for you to fill. Bravo!!!!